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How To Sell a Home In Dubuque and Eastern Iowa During the Winter

Sometimes you can’t control when you put your home on the market. It might be that you have a new job that you need to move for. Or you might simply didn’t get enough done on the property to get it listed earlier. Now it’s getting to be the cold months  of winter and you worry that you won’t get as much as you would in the summer or sell it as quickly.

Yet, just as you can’t control when you sell, there are always people looking to buy, even in the cold winters of Eastern Iowa. Granted, you’ll likely have fewer showings in the winter and the weather might not always cooperate with open houses, but people looking at this time might be more Selling a home in Dubuque during the wintermotivated to buy. There’s a reason they’re going out into the cold and snow to look at homes and it’s not just to occupy their time.

There might also be less competition in the market when your listing, which, depending on your price range, might be a good thing. With fewer options people interested in your home might act more quickly.

All this means is that you have to make the most out of the visits you do have to your home. It might mean a little extra work, but if you want to sell quickly and get a good price on your home it’s worth doing.

Here are some things you can do to make sure you get your listing price and not wait around all winter for it to sell.

Have Photos From The Summer On Display

With snow on the ground and no leaves on the trees, the outside can look a little depressing. Have some photos from earlier in the year when the grass was green and trees full of leaves. This way they can envision what it will be like when the weather turns warm. So if you know you might be putting your home on the market later in the year, take a number of pictures. Especially of nice features such as a deck or a pool.

Clean the Driveway and Sidewalk Completely

Especially on days when you have an open house you want to make sure the sidewalks and driveway are clear. The last thing you want is someone slipping when they’re coming in or out. Since your Realtor might be scheduling visits all throughout the week you’ll want to be prepared at all times. And if you’ve had to put down salt, make sure you vacuum well if it’s been tracked into the house.

Keep the Home Nice and Warm

No matter the temperature outside, keep the inside well heated. If they come inside from the cold and find the home nice and warm it will make a good first impression. If you have a gas fire place, then have it on to not only add warm, but ambience as well. If you have an older home you especially want to make sure all the rooms are warm. This means even before the snow falls, make sure your windows and doorways are caulked to prevent any cold air from getting in.

Have the Lights On

If it’s dreary outside you don’t want it to seem gloomy inside.  Have all the lights on. If you’re dealing with an older house that doesn’t have a lot of lights installed, then try to bring in some extra lighting brought in.

Staging the Home For Sale

Staging your home is always beneficial no matter the time of year, but especially in the winter. Since the outside might be cold and dreary, you want them to come into a place with color and style. If it’s near the holidays, then have some decorations up, just don’t go overboard. And do what you can to make the home look roomy. Often you’ve had to bring some things in from the outside for the winter, but don’t have the garage look like it’s overflowing and the home lacks space for storage. See if you can find somewhere else to put some belongings if necessary.

Don’t Have The House Smell Stuffy

With the windows closed the home can start to smell musty. Feel free to add some inviting smells to the home.  This is especially true if you have pets. It’s hard enough to control their smell in the summer, but it’s doubly difficult in the winter. Do what you can to cut down on their odors by having air fresheners throughout the home.

Utilize the Services of a Dubuque Realtor

You might be considering doing home for sale by owner, but in the winter time especially this might be a mistake. The main thing you want is to get as much exposure for your property and a Realtor can help with this. One of your biggest markets might be people moving to the area, so a Realtor will get you maximum exposure online. They can also get the word out on your home to other Realtors in the area. Finally, they can also help you determine the right price to list your home at. You don’t want you home sitting on the market for months. This is never good, no matter what the temperature outside is.

At American Realty we have experience with selling homes in the winter. We have Realtors who have served Dubuque and surrounding communities like Dyersville and Cascade for years and know what it takes to get home sold no matter what the time of year. Call us today at (563) 556-4577.