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Why Asbury Iowa is the place people are looking at for homes for sale

One of the most popular places people look for real estate in Eastern Iowa is Asbury. This small community is adjacent to Dubuque, but has created it very own identity. In the process, it has grown at a rate that has caught even the census takers by surprise.

Real estate in Asbury Iowa popularity

Asbury Iowa

In the 2010 census the population 4,357, which was nearly double what it had been just a decade earlier. Yet, the city government knew that its population growth hadn’t slowed and so commissioned a special census to prove it. While it was expensive, it revealed the population had grown another 25% in just the six years since. This meant more road-use and local-option sales tax revenues, since these are dispersed on a per-capita basis.

Not surprising, it’s one of the 10 fastest growing communities in Iowa, with nearby Peosta also on the list.

There are many reasons for the influx of homeowners to Asbury, from available lots on which to build to beautiful neighborhoods that are ideal to raise a family or retire to.  There are many other reasons that make Asbury so appealing.

Here are 5 Features of Asbury That Make it So Popular for Homeowners

Many of the Homes are New

There are many reasons for Asbury being such a popular place to buy a home in, not the least of which is that so many homes aren’t that old. As the population growth suggests, most of its homes are less than 20 years old and many are much more recently built. Housing development hasn’t waned and new homes are being built regularly. It’s hard for the map makers to keep up as so many streets are only now being named. So many people looking to buy a modern home find the property of their dreams here.

The Schools are New

For families looking to send their children to public schools, they’ll find modern facilities. Two of the newest schools in the area in Dubuque are just at the edge of Asbury. George Washington Carver Elementary School opened in 2007 and has kindergarten through fifth grade. Completed in August 2005, Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School is for students in grades 6-8.

For parents wanting to get their child a Catholic education, there are also options close by. Resurrection Elementary School is just a couple miles down the road, while Mazzuchelli Middle School and Wahlert high school aren’t that much further away.

Parks and Recreation.

The city actually owns its own golf course, having purchased the popular Meadows a few years

Asbury Golf Course

back.  This beautiful 18-hole course was voted the best course in the Dubuque area in 2016.

The Sundown Ski resort is just off the edge of Asbury city limits and is one of the most popular destinations for skiers and snowboarders in the Midwest.

There are plenty of places to bike or just to take a leisurely walk.

The Asbury city park is always a favorite with families, but when it hosts music in the park or has a movie shown, it’s especially popular.

Plenty of Places to Eat

Franchises have caught onto the appeal of Asbury and in the last few years Popeye’s restaurant has opened, as has Buffalo Wild Wings. Red Robin and Culvers have long been popular places to dine in or take out. For lovers of Mexican food there is Pancheros, Los Aztecos, and Fiesta Cancun.

Jumble Schoolhouse Café offers great coffee and popular breakfast items and sandwiches. It’s also housed in the oldest schoolhouse in Iowa.

There are two of the most popular sports bars in the area. Buffalo Wild Wings and the locally owned Courtside, which not only has food and drinks, but indoor volleyball courts.

It’s literally minutes away from Dubuque

Even if Asbury doesn’t have all the amenities you’re looking for, you’re likely to find them in Dubuque such as shopping malls, tourist attractions, and even more places at which to eat and or drink. With Dubuque literally a few minutes away from Asbury, you don’t have to travel.

If you’re looking to buy a home in Asbury and need help in finding the home that you want, then contact the Realtors at American Realty.  We know the area and the housing market to help you find what you want, but also help get it at a fair price. Call us today at (563) 556-4577.