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Selling a home In Dubuque – A Seller’s Perspective

Selling a home can be a stressful time for homeowners. You want to get the process over quickly, but you also want to get top value for your home. I recently went through the process and if you’re like me and haven’t sold a home before or at least not for a long time, it can also be a confusing time.  You likely have a lot of questions about the process and what can be done to help it along.

Dubuque home selling

Selling a Home In Dubuque

First of all, a disclaimer. I didn’t have to look for a Realtor like most homeowners would. I help American Realty with their online marketing so when it came time to list the home I reached out to them and asked them to set me up with a Realtor. So your first step would be to hire a Realtor. When you do, you want someone like mine, whose familiar with the Dubuque market and knows how to price a home to sell. And also knows how to get your home the most exposure possible.

We ended up with Ron McCarthy, and between his experience and American Realty’s marketing, we knew our home would be seen by a number of potential buyers.

To sell a home here are some things you can do to help you get the best price for your home and to sell it quickly.

Clean Out Your Home

Even before we contacted American Realty we knew we had to clear out the home so that it would seem larger. Part of this was to haul away any junk we had accumulated over time and look for any items we no longer used. This made a big difference, but we thought there was more we could do. So we rented a storage locker temporarily and cleared out even more furniture and belongings. Renting a storage unit might not be an option for you, but maybe there is another place you could take some items temporarily.

Depersonalize The Home

When Ron toured our house he made suggestions along the way, including areas we should touch up. He also suggested we remove items that might be personal to us, but that might throw off potential buyers. So family photographs, some of our artwork, and even some nick knacks we removed. The idea is to have a blank canvas on which potential buyers could see themselves creating a homey environment.

Staging the Home To Sell

As Ron walked about he also offered suggestions on not just how to make the rooms look better, but to stand out more. We moved things around and made the living room and the master bedroom, for example, seem much larger. Then a family member offered us some of her furnishings to make the home look more modern and stylish.  By the time we were done I didn’t even recognize some of the rooms.

Know the History of Your Home

One of the first steps after signing with the agent will be a questionnaire on your home. Try to have this information ready for when they come. Things like the age of your roof, when the furnace was installed, etc. Also any other additions you made to your home. Do all of this in advance so it makes the process go quicker.

Price It To Sell

After researching homes that had sold in our area, Ron presented us with a detailed proposal on how much we should list our home. It based it on comparable homes that had recently sold. The price he came up with was a little lower than we had hoped for, so after a little discussion, we settled for slightly more than Ron had suggested. When a Realtor suggests a listing price for you, don’t be afraid to counter slightly. Yet, I wouldn’t recommend going too much over the suggested price. Then your listing could be on the market for a while and eventually you’ll have to lower the price.

Prepare To Leave At a Moment’s Notice

Once the house was listed we prepared the family for leaving when a Realtor wanted to show it.  We told our son that most likely we’d have to step out for an hour every once in a while, as the house was shown. The more times it’s shown the better off you’ll be.  That also means you have to keep your home clean and be prepared to store things away quickly.

In our case, however, we just had to show it once. We knew that homes in Dubuque at our price range we’re selling quickly but none of us, Ron included, expected it to sell to the first family through. Ron posted our home online on a Tuesday and we soon had a showing scheduled for that afternoon. By the time we returned we already had two others scheduled for the evening. Yet, Ron called us soon after to tell us the family had made an offer above our asking price and with terms that we were extremely pleased with.

For us, we benefited from having home in a price range that homes were selling quickly.  Depending on the price you’re asking it could take longer. This is why you want to do as much as you can to help your Realtor to sell your home and in our case, begin looking for a new home.

If you’re looking to sell a home in Dubuque, then contact a Realtor at American Realty. They have the experience to help you sell your home and with American Realty marketing campaign, your home will get the exposure it needs to get the best price.