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If you’re planning on selling your home this spring, there are a number of things you can do to prepare for it. There are a number of homes for sale in Eastern Iowa and you want to stand out from the competition.

* Remove glass from light fixtures and take out all the little critters that may make their home there. Use glass cleaner on the glass before replacing.
* Clean your mail box – you would be surprised how many people look at your mail box.Spring cleaning for your Dubuque home
*Clean & polish front door hardware or replace if necessary
*Check house numbers-can you see them from the street
*Wash down your front door and garage door – repaint if necessary. Use a color that blends well with your siding.
*Wash your windows or have them professionally cleaned.
* Hose down the porch and driveway – be sure to get off any excess salt etc.
*Get rid of rogue leaves left over from fall.
*Check concrete for any cracking or lifting – buyers hate to see this kind of stuff. It gives them a reason to low ball you.
*Check condition of your roof. Any missing shingles or does it look like it needs to be replaced. Don’t think the buyer is going to miss it.
* Remove debris from gutters & downspouts.
*Rake the lawn if necessary – but don’t do this early in the year if the ground has not dried out.
*Remove winter displays – i.e. X-mass lights etc.
*Tidy up you gardens.
* Organize your garage. Make it tidy and uncluttered.
* If you have a barbecue now is the time to bring it out – if it’s in good shape.
* If you have a pool, remove the cover, clean it and have it serviced.
* If you have patio furniture bring it out and clean it up – even if it’s still too cold to sit outside.

Seem like a lot of effort?  It can be, but it can also pay big dividends!!

If you’re looking to sell your home, then contact one of the Realtors at American Realty of Dubuque. We’d be glad to talk with you and help you get top value for your property.


Are you a “baby boomer”? Well, if you reach the age of 65 somewhere between 2011 and 2029 you are considered a baby boomer. Unfortunately I’m not a baby boomer – wish I was.
It’s interesting to note that Professor Arthur C. Nelson of the University of Utah says that 1.5 to 2 million homes that belong to baby boomers will come on the market by the end of this decade. Nelson says that he sees a lot of momentum growing among baby boomers to put their homes up for sale and to downsize. He calls it the “decade of the shakeout” or the “great senior sell-off”.
About 80% of seniors are homeowners by the time they reach age 65. This happens to be the highest home ownership rate among any age group. About 4% of senior homeowners move each year and about 60 % of those opt to move into rentals.
So, what might this mean to us? Well, for one thing will there be enough buyers for these properties! Who knows, but if you are one of those “baby boomers” it is something to think about. Maybe you will want to think about beating the crowd. Also, will there be a surge in apartment construction! If not where will all of these people live?
When I think about it this way maybe I really don’t regret not being a “baby boomer” as much as I think I do.