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Why the Fall and Winter is Still a Good Time To Buy A Home

Why Buyers In Eastern Iowa Might Want To House Hunt in the Fall or Winter

Most people think of fall and winter as bad times to buy a home. Many prefer to move in the spring and summer when the temperatures are warmer. It can also be an easier time to relocate children who are in school. Yet, despite this, the fall, and even the winter, might in fact be the best time for you to look for a house.

Here are some reasons you might want to look for a home in the fall and winter in Eastern Iowa, even if it means putting up with the cold and even a little snow, while you house hunt.Buying a home in the fall or winter in Iowa might be a good idea.

Waiting To Buy Continues to Cost You Money

If you currently live in an apartment than each month you’re paying a landlord money is another month you’re not seeing any return on your investment. Waiting six months, might seem a short wait, but that’s a lot of money that you could have been put toward a mortgage.

Home interest rates are still low

Home interest rates are still low, but there is no telling when they might go back up.  They very well could be low in a few months, but there is no guarantee. Again, it might be a savings to you to buy a home sooner rather than later.

Fewer Buyers To Compete With

Since many people don’t like to house hunt in the cold, then it means there is less competition for many homes in your price range.  In Dubuque and surrounding communities, houses at certain price range often sell very quickly in the summer. Meaning you must make a decision quick or risk losing out on a property. And even then you might find yourself in a bidding war with someone. In the fall and winter houses can sell slower, meaning you can dictate your price more.

You Don’t Have To Settle

Since homes are often sold faster in the summer you might be tempted to bid on a home that doesn’t quite meet all of your requirements. In the fall, however, with the lower competition, you might be able to hold off making an offer until you’ve looked at a few others. And if your plan is to wait until its warmer you can at least keep an eye on what’s on the market. You might find the home of your dreams has suddenly appeared on the market and might be gone by the spring.

People Might Be Motivated To Sell Quicker

One of the main benefits of looking for a home in the off season is that you have a chance to get a better deal on a property. As mentioned, there are fewer buyers, which means less competition to buy a home.  At the same time, homeowners might be even more motivated to sell.

Some of the homes on the market might have been listed for a while. As a result, the homeowner might have dropped the price on their property a few times already. They just want to get the process over and move onto their next home.

If the home is a new listing, the homeowner might be motivated by time.  They could be moving out of the area and need to sell their home quickly in order to relocate. They might have preferred to wait to sell, but because of circumstances, can’t. So they list their home at a lower price they might have, if they’d had more time.

Finally, they might be motivated by the tax benefits of selling their home before December 31. They’ll see the tax benefits a lot sooner if they close before that date.

Whatever their motivation to sell they might also be willing to move out quicker. You might be able to take possession a lot sooner because of this.

Tax Advantages

Just as the buyer will benefit from selling their home by the end of the year for the taxes, so too will you.  Property taxes and any mortgage payments you make before the end of the year will help to lower your tax bill.

End of year furniture sales.

This may seem like a small thing, but if you’re a first-time home buyer than every little bit of savings can help. According to Consumer Reports, December is the best month to find deals on major appliances. If you’re moving from an apartment you might need a few appliances, even if the home comes with things like refrigerators and microwaves.

If you’re looking for a home, whether it’s in the fall, the winter, the spring or summer, then contact American Realty. Our agents will help you to find your ideal home, all the much sooner. Contact us today and one of our agents will be glad to assist you in the process.